Company Culture

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after working with companies for the last 8 years, it’s that company culture is unique. No company is alike because no company is comprised of the same people. My goal is to capture the spirit that runs through the team and give the viewer a glimpse into the personalities and values of the people that make up the business. With years of wedding experience, I learned how to look for candid moments while feeling out the vibes and energy of the group. I apply this same process with any project in which I’m tasked in getting real human emotions by staying alert, listening for laughs and always ready to hit the record button.

Litmus - A look into the people that make up Litmus

T3 Advisors - I tagged along with T3 on their annual team meetup trip, this night included some friendly competition and eating good food.

Help Scout - Annual Team Retreat skiing in Colorado. Was a lot of fun.

Globoforce - Employees talk about why they love working at Globoforce and work/life balance.

Help Scout - A look into the people that run Help Scout and the type of person they want to hire.

Hearts On Fire - this was a series on HOF’s Lead Designer and how she comes up with her inspiration.