Sell More Tickets

Professional conference videos go a long way to increasing sales for next year. Past attendees enjoy a compelling reminder of their experiences and potential attendees can get a real sense of the atmosphere and benefits of attending that no other media can provide.

Create Brand Awareness

High quality conference video can help you to shape your brand. Sending out videos through email or social media in the weeks after a conference allows you to capitalize on attendees’ enthusiasm and their willingness to share on social media. It also enables you to drive traffic to your website and raise awareness for events in the future.


Increase Marketing Content

Your conference video provides resources for your marketing that can be used throughout the year. Interviews you conduct with speakers or thought leaders at your conference can be shared year round to drive traffic and build your brand.



Selling your video content online represents the opportunity to generate passive revenue throughout the year. We supplement speaker sessions with slides and help you create a simple, seamless platform where users can purchase sessions that interest them. If you would prefer to maximize brand awareness, you could drive traffic to your website by hosting these sessions free of charge.


If you would like to learn more about how our services can increase your sales and build your brand contact us