Leverage your Conferences with Video



Sell more tickets

Use video to increase ticket sales for the following year.

Remind past attendees about the excitement and value they experienced.

Show potential attendees the energy of your event while seeing speakers and hearing from those that went.


Create Brand Awareness

By sending out a recap video through email campaigns and social media in the following weeks after your event, you can capitalize on the excitement attendees still have and their willingness to share. This is a great opportunity to use the event one more time as a way to drive traffic to your brand or raise awareness for future events


Create year round content

You worked hard to find speakers and attract industry thought leaders to your event.

Leverage that by conducting interviews with people that you can use in your marketing efforts year round.  


Sell speaker sessions

By selling speaker sessions you can create additional revenue with little back end work. We'll combine speaker session with slides and help you create a platform for people to purchase from. If brand awareness is more important you can offer these sessions free to people to drive more traffic to your site and create more value for your viewers.